Road to | My first half marathon | Part 1

Why starting with a training for a half marathon?! To be honest, no clue. It all started with the inflammation in my shoulder which made go run more often.

I started doing more conditioning training during crossfit, but started running once or twice a week, and never considered a race. being satisfied with finally being able to run 5 Km at a time, I still didn’t consider myself as a runner. However my runner brother pushed me more to be fitter and I signed up for the next mud race and strongman run – I had a goal.

What I learned here was that long distance running is 90% mental, 10% body. Maybe a bit of a different split – but you yet my point.

However this time 21,1 Km will be the goal. And that makes me feel a bit crazy as well as scared with the question: “will I ever get over the finish line”. First things first, I need to get a positive mindset about what I’m going to do.

I’ll document my next steps on here in steps and keep you updated and my account for what I’m doing!




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