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Mexico | Why you should go cenotes diving

Mexico a country with white beaches, gorgeous water en great views underwater for diving. The underworld is gorgeous and you’ll have a blast. However something which you shouldn’t skip is cenotes diving! Please be aware it is not for everyone, so start slow and let your instructor / guide know your limits. I’ll tell you why & where you should go cenotes diving in Mexico!

What are cenotes?

first of all, a cenote, coming from the Mayan word “D’zonot”, is a natural pit or sinkhole, which created by collapsing limestone which exposed the groundwater underneath.

Cave diving is unlike anything you ever experienced or seen. Each cenote is different from the other, some are crystal clear, some are dark, some have sulfur clouds, other are extremely deep while others are shallow with a full underwater system. In my opinion it is something every diver should experience (with proper guidance and training).

Why you should go cenote diving

  1. The lighting is gorgeous, you never experienced anything like it before
  2. You’ll learn diving in the dark or expand your current knowledge
  3. Same for diving in fresh water
  4. Diving in the jungle is weird for open water divers but you’ll have fun and love it
  5. Every cenote is different

Best 3 cenotes to dive in Tulum

Dos Ojos

Probably the most famous of all cenotes: Dos Ojos. It has the deepest cave system in Quintana Roo. Once you are entering the clear water, and enter the unterwater world (even above), you’ll see plenty of stalagmites and stalictites. The sun shines into the entrance and leaves the sunbeams dancing underwater, giving you an amazing experience. The lighting is something which stays with you forever and makes cenotes diving so unforgettable.

The Pit

Where this cenote gets its name from? It’s shape! it is a proper pit, a hole in the jungle to say so. The diving dept is up to 40 meters. When descending you’ll encounter a cloud with hydrogen sulphate, which made me feel like floating in the air through clouds. After that you’ll get into the dark, but see the beauty of the Pit!


Magical is the word so many people use when diving this cenote. it goes down ca. 60m and it has just as the pit a hydrogen sulphate cloud (just as the pit).

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