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Germany | My Favorite Berlin restaurants

After living in Berlin for about 1,5 years and going here more often due to family, friends and work. I wanted to share my favorite Berlin restaurants with you. They are for all possibilities you need: breakie, lunch and dinner! Maybe even for you nightly snack before heading back home.

Favorite Berlin Restaurants

1# Dudu

Dudu is my all time favorite in Berlin and is a go-to for every Berlin visit. The restaurant is located a bit hidden, but easily found if you know where to go.
With a minimalist interior you can enjoy the amazing sushi as well as other asian dishes, for example their great curry. It is a great spot for a lunch or dinner, but please keep in mind after 7:oo p.m. it will get busier. Get a reservation before hand.

2# Mami Camilla

If Italians tell you the restaurant is great, you go and check it out. Same happened with Mami Camilla – and spoiler alert: it was GREAT!
Mami Camilla has not the typical Italian interior with the red white checked table thowovers. It reminds me of being at your Italian friend’s mother’s place, very cosy and bright.
You have the option here to “build” your own pizza with great ingredients, and the pizza’s taste is as you would expect in Italy. Although the portions are big enough, for some probably even too much. You shouldn’t miss their Tiramisu!

3# Transit

Do you like Asian food and would love to try everything? Transit is a great possibility for this.
They offer tapas portions of asian food. However don’t be fooled by the small tapas dishes, they are yummy and filling.
It is a great way too share with friends!

My Tip: a normal hungry person eats around 3 tapas dishes with a side of either rice or noodles.

4# House of Small Wonder

An instagram worthy cafe with great coffee and breakfast (even cakes). The downside of this is, the House of Small Wonder is already known. If you’re early enough in the weekend you can still gather a spot! Otherwise you’ll have a wait for about 30 minutes till you get a table. So maybe a weekday is even a better time to visit it.

5# Swera

A lovely Indian place in Berlin, there a buddhas spreaded around the restaurant which gives it a nice atmosphere.
The menu has a lot of possibilities for every, but my favorite is the Tikka Masala.

5# Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun located in the area Kreuzberg offers you every Thursday evening a street food market, with foods from all around the world. Adding to that it offers also a breakfast market, every 3rd Sunday of the month!

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