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Mobile phone

Apps | My favorite apps for on the road

If you are like me, your phone became an unmissable accessory. You take it with you on holidays, and why wouldn’t you, with a world which is always online, it is extremely helpful on the road and helps you with your trip.
Next to that apps are somewhat my meal ticket, so I do love testing them!

Best Travel Apps

1. Audible

Driving hours on end, from point A to B, why not listen to a book? With audible you can download a book and listen to it, even offline, so no roaming costs for you.

2. Booking.com & AirBnb

I’m one of those people who books their first night somewhere for having a smooth arrival, and then I go with the flow, meet people, hear their stories and make a decision then,where I want to stay.
With these apps you can make your plans on the go. My tip here is though, if you are traveling in high season, do book in advance.

3. Uber & MyTaxi

Who hasn’t hear about these apps yet? They are my go-to if I don’t necessarily need to look at my budget and want to be safe, going to the hotel, apartment or airport.
Uber is great in America and countries which it is allowed in.
For Germany you are good to use MyTaxi and hail a cab!

4. Foursquare

With Foursquare you can find the best restaurants, bars and more. I use it since more locals add their reviews and tips compared to other apps.

5. TripAdvisor

Like Foursquare, TripAdvisor gives you the best you need for your trip, which are the best To Do’s in a city, or find your hotel.
There are so many search options in this app, give it a try.

6. Google Maps

Raise your hands, if haven’t been lost yet and tell me your secret. GoogleMaps is my go to, you can download the map you need, into your offline maps, and use it whenever!

7. Skyscanner

Haven’t found the flight to your destination yet? Why not use it to find the best possible option, even local flights.

8. Google Translate

Need some help with the spoken or written language, Google Translate is my provider of knowledge.

9. Spotify & Deezer

Or any other music app, amazon music or google play music. Anything which helps to relax if you are on the beach, on the road, plane or wherever you are.

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