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brandenburg gate

Germany | My Favorite Berlin restaurants

After living in Berlin for about 1,5 years and going here more often due to family, friends and work. I wanted to share my favorite Berlin restaurants with you. They are for all possibilities you need: breakie, lunch and dinner! Maybe even for you nightly snack before heading back home. Favorite Berlin Restaurants 1# Dudu…

Mobile phone

Apps | My favorite apps for on the road

If you are like me, your phone became an unmissable accessory. You take it with you on holidays, and why wouldn’t you, with a world which is always online, it is extremely helpful on the road and helps you with your trip. Next to that apps are somewhat my meal ticket, so I do love…

Sunset at Isla Holbox

Mexico | Isla Holbox – the little paradise

With me being an island bum, I can’t not tell you about Isla Holbox. This bounty island, is located on the half island Yucatan, on the east coast of Mexico. It was one of the highlights of my trip through Yucatan! It’s a nature paradise with crisp white beaches, turquoise waters and no cars nor…

Mexico | Why you should go cenotes diving

Mexico a country with white beaches, gorgeous water en great views underwater for diving. The underworld is gorgeous and you’ll have a blast. However something which you shouldn’t skip is cenotes diving! Please be aware it is not for everyone, so start slow and let your instructor / guide know your limits. I’ll tell you…