About me

About Simone

Simone Grau

I’m a Dutch-German based in Cologne – Germany, where I’m a Mobile Marketing Manager in real-life.

Friends of mine started to call me Mona while in high school and it stuck around.

Being part of the guestbloggers for travelgirls.nl, I started helping them as an editor and loving it! Travelgirls.nl is in Dutch, but I also wanted to share my views, travels and knick knacks in English, hence monagrau.com was created.

My main reason starting this blog is to inspire you out there to expand your bucket list, explore, taste and enjoy everything which comes on your path.

When I’m not trying to find my limits with crossfit, I’m trying to find the runners high – although I’m still debating if that’s real.

After sports, food is another great love of me, it has a social element to it, wine and dine with friends, but also just enjoying different tastes and cuisines.